The Flynn Muses

Mike & Molly “The Flynn Muses” 01/23/17
Molly, wearing a champagne lace patterned, smock low neck crepe blouse and Victoria in a paisley print belted shirt dress and knee high suede boots, are shopping at the Chicago’s Woodfield Mall for a birthday gift for Joyce.
It’s so hard finding a gift for mom. If it isn’t some kind of proof or have a twist off she doesn’t know what to do with it.
What about something with batteries she seems to go through a lot of those.
After what I heard yelled out last night I’m starting to think that’s Vince’s fault. I never want to hear about alternating speeds again; I almost didn’t want to drive here today!
I’m glad you did I don’t think I could see the road with this hangover.
I thought you and Carl were having dinner with his grandmother last night?
We did…and after all the hymns and spirituals, praying and laying of hands I needed a stiff one and two rounds of Carl’s Maypole didn’t help one bit!
What is it with you and mom? Living with you two and your boyfriends is like living on a rabbit farm!
You and Mike may be quiet but you two have just as healthy an appetite as we do.
I didn’t say we don’t get down; we just don’t need all the bells, whistles, toys, and whips.
VICTORIA spots Molly’s favorite writer, J.C. SMALL, swigging sips from a flask under her mock turtle neck wrap shawl and secretly tucking merchandise into the rear waist of her colorful geometric patterned Parachute pants.
Hey isn’t she that kooky writer you almost had that fling with stuffing silk scarves in the back of her pants?
It sure the heck is and what fling!? I bet J.C.’s on a drunken binder…probably doesn’t know what she’s doing…well I hope she can afford Wynona Ryders legal team or hope they mistake her for Nicki Minaj from behind, let’s go.
Molly! I’m surprised. I know you creatives enjoy a scandal to further your trend status but this is like rock bottom territory here for someone we know. We should help her.
Alright, but if security gets confused about who’s involved, our story is we were about to make a citizen’s arrest.
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Upcoming teen novella…2017

The Four Astrals

“We all have a will, we must find the way.”-Grandma Maurisse

          The lunch benches shook with cheers and stomps for the latest triumph of debate. Peppa kept her back to them and what their celebrations meant. The debate club was only formed to prepare the new generation of orators to represent the town of Deux Montagnes at The Largesse, a gathering of representatives strategizing for resolutions to universal issues. Our town was part of the United Colonies as always, yet the newest culture of DM was far different from our beginnings.
“I would neeeever be a part of that insane asylum of liars!” that was Amerise ranting about her rejection of the Estaters- their name for status, their title to be respected, their propaganda to convert us into a statehood.
My friends and I were a part of another type of culture home grown in the DM colony. We were not and would never be Estaters; our legacy is rooted in reading the stars and respecting the ways of the land. Subastrals were our name and our pride although it is used to demean our kind. “That’s not an occurrence we have to worry about, I don’t think they’d be interested in the daughter of a moralist let alone an aeronautical,” I told her.
“That’s true,” the tiny terror with a romantic heart agreed, “there are no moral directives in what they are doing at The Largesse now.”
Splendide, next to her, flicked through the celestial almanac past moon phases, drought charts and remedies from the earth until stopping at the astrological readings.
“Here, take a look at your astro profile for today, maybe that will brighten up today’s outlook?”
Madame Moira, who wrote the zodiac guide, was one of the bloodlines that founded the town as witches and clairvoyants that fled from the north during the witch trials, many descendants of Tituba of the Arawak. Along the way other escaped slaves and displaced Indian tribes formed pilgrimage covens: communities of protection based on common beliefs in mystics and magic. In 1980, the year my friends and I were all born, The Largesse restricted them all to operate under “entertainment” purposes only; re-directive number one.
Leo, who was actually a Virgo in the stars read: “Conquer a major project with the new moon on the 12th…” “The 12th is in two weeks. I wonder what major project is coming up-I can’t take another group project with a bunch of Estaters.” Amerise grabbed the pamphlet back “Hey I’m Aries and it says ‘Major change comes with the new moon on the 12th’. I mean that’s kismet toooootally, right!? Let’s chart us AAaaall!!!” She sing-songed while grabbing her notepad and a pen beginning to plot the chart times and moon predictions including the other two daughters, Peppa, the Scorpio and Splendide the Capricorn. When she finished with a look of amazement, she spread her hands above the scribbles announcing, “This is HUUUUUGE gals!”
“This is coooontrabaaaand gals!” a patron of the preparatory societies mocked her snatching up the almanac. Langus Macnell was a son of the old founders but upheld every restriction that was set into action. “Our minds are for more than petty, earthy drivel. This institution is about ambition and achievement-leave the weird gypsy stuff where it belongs, behind the vaults.” His epaulets swishing as he spun on his boot heel, folding the almanac into his vest pocket.
“We have to get that book back! My mom doesn’t even know that I took it out of the house.” Splendide put her head on the table defeated. “She’ll never let me take the car for our road trip to Florida to see Mark Twains’ museum!”
“Mother God he’s so fine but I hate him! He’s always lurking and swooping,“ complained Leo sneering at his dark crown of an afro while pulling hers into a bun. She had a love hate relationship with Macnell: she crushed on tall guys and he was as attractive as he was tall, 6’7 lean to her 6’1 athletic frame, and had a handsome swagger when he walked and when he was dressed in his dapper duds: quarter waist length evening jacket with detachable shoulder cape, leather tesla ray wrist cuffs, complete with top hat adorned with time zone clocks and a mysterious master key! His confident stride and suave demeanor complimented his leather belted punk suit and cape duster! He also had sickening intentions when it came to the fate of the colony which simultaneously made him unbearable to her!
Peppa put a consoling hand on her friends back. “Don’t worry, as far as everyone in these parts is concerned that book isn’t anything more than recipes and farmers information. As long as we keep it that way we can easily get the almanac back.” The horn for midday sciences sounded interrupting her motivational pep talk. “We’ll meet outside the horn tower end of day.”
Peppa went to philosophy with Splendide while Leo headed towards world science with Amerise on to minerals and oceanography.
While on the way, Amerise shared her nagging thoughts with her friend. “Leo, when did the Deux Montagnes values begin to shift? Why is everyone becoming focused on becoming just like the rest of the Estatehoods?”
“I hate to bring it up, but I know it has to do with your grandmother’s disappearance from The Largesse. This new age council is all about hiding truths, all surface without the sincerity.”
“Never that! Every woman in my family is deeper than the waters of the waters we survive on. There will never be anything more important than living and reciprocating in kind to the earth and each other or we won’t have a surface to stand on!”
Our homeland was located at the fifth bend up the long arm of the Mississippi River from the Hispanbuola Ocean well known for our aeronautic ships, stilt buildings and treetop dwellings. This whole area could become a flooded marshland if the river ever rose and became unruly; we headed the fluctuations of nature by keeping the actual town a safe distance back from the waterway and sandbagging the shoreline during heavy rains.
The Houma tribes inhabited the southeast territories, our river valley entrance. Our residents regularly consorted with the Houma on rights and rituals. Secretly of course, as all meetings between those rooted in the old world had become. Since the African, Portuguese, and Caribbean conquistadors arrived in 1480 we had been sharing this traveling port transformed into a secondary homestead for the bicoastal families that claimed Deux Montagnes as home. A welcoming Gateway site to travelers as their eyes rose from to the grand mountains split by the great river-towering peaks reaching as high as 2,oo0 feet. Our waterway was our open womb to the wide world, birthing seafood, family, and pride. Now, more of the new population portrayed our pride lands as a salivating mouth swallowing greed, new luxuries, and secrets like sedatives to placate the current leadership.


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FanFic: Mike & Molly


Mike & Molly “Luck Be Spontaneity Tonight”:  

We open the show with Mike and Carl riding in their squad car discussing Mike’s recent successful weight loss due to child induced sleep deprivation as well as Carl’s upcoming vacation to a family reunion in Tennessee.  Carl is disinterested in attending the routine family affair this year due to conflicting advice from his psychic.  He decides his own lack of spontaneity has caused his mundane and lonely existence.  The same morning Victoria is currently dealing with another break-up, keeping Joyce and Molly busy with her erratic tantrums after a break-up with a medical office intern.  While upstairs Vince cares for the new Biggs’ babies, William (adopted) and Emily (natural birth), the girls are holed up in Victoria’s basement bedroom discussing her pattern of dating and break-ups to convince her to change her dating habits.  This conversation reminds her of her ex.  Victoria is so worked up she flees the room slipping Molly and Joyce, however Molly was prepared with a booby trap upstairs.

After leaving the squad car Mike and Carl have breakfast at Abe’s Hot Beef.  Carl is working on having an ‘unpredictable’ attitude so tries to do things opposite of his usual upsetting a cranky Mike.  All is well until Mike’s order causes Carl to sulk.  When the guys press him for information he says the order reminded him of Victoria.  Samuel tries to take his mind off of the emotional matters by offering the purchase of raffle tickets for his rugby team, which leads back to a discussion of Victoria.  Mike buys one but Carl declines keeping with ‘the opposite of his normal’ routine. 

The next day, Carl is on his way to the reunion and Mike is now running into the Flynn-Biggs home looking for Molly.  Vince is feeding Emily on the living room couch and informs him the women are still locked in the basement bedroom and both head there.  Mike explains to Molly he has won Samuel’s raffle and they will need to use the winning Buddy Pass tickets to go to Las Vegas that night.  Joyce is not on board knowing she will be left to care for Victoria alone although Vince wants to escape the kid drama and head to the bedroom and Molly wants to escape the bedroom drama and join Mike in Vegas. Joyce eventually surrenders giving Vince orders to use the barter and trade system to get three more tickets to Las Vegas. 

Once they enter their hotel-casino in Las Vegas, they run into Carl who has fled the reunion to try his hand at luck and love in Sin City.  He is winning and upbeat!  Mike and Molly have promised Joyce and Vince a double-date show so ask Carl to keep an eye on Victoria.  The two singles decide to spend their time in Vegas doing non-traditional fun things they don’t have to sensor in re-telling. They end their roulette of fun having a scavenger hunt costume contest prompting Victoria to get sentimental.  After a revealing conversation about Victoria’s previous future wishes for their assumed nuptials and their mutual horoscopes for the weekend, Carl decides Victoria is who he was fated to meet and proposes to her.  At that moment, an irate nana (and Peggy) jumps out to put a stop to the engagement.  Unbeknownst to Carl, Nana has been tracking him with the help of Mike’s mother who has left the children in the care of Harry and Samuel.  The results of the immediate family convening by surprise in Las Vegas and all the coincidences of the universe have Carl and Victoria convinced they should be together.  Nana is distraught at having Victoria for a daughter-in-law, launching into threats and insults so Peggy calls Mike for backup.  He brings Molly, Joyce, and Vince who all join in the intervention but instead successfully convince them to go for the love and get married!  They marry becoming Carl and Victoria McMillan!  In the tag scene, Victoria and Carl attempt to gamble as a married couple and lose.  They decide to quit playing with fate while they were ahead!


We have shown you the injustices time and time again

A backwards rerun that never comes to an end

Defense when it suits

False rhetoric in the same suits for your own


Not ours spun from the same conflict of interest

Conflict of fear

Unarmed vs full gear

Then just laid out


Till we’re bones

Over the bones of ancestors before

Fear reigns in what is unknown

Like a child you hide from your fears and lash out when confronted

Did you reach out without

A weapon first?

Without racism and anger first?

Have you never been the underdog

The target dog

The need-a-bone-before-I-BREAK dog

Or break your bone

You hold tight to it in your high dog house

Licking and salivating teasing and withholding house

Paid and paved with my back our backs

Our knees

On our knees

Hands up we plead

Ignore us, our need, our bleed

Passing us, passing everything but what needs be

What we needs

Not what’s necessary not even the weed!?

For any society

Human race denouncing cannibalism yet using its own as part of the food chain

Dog eat dog they claim

You eat

Even at my meat

Hunted me in the streets

Then play that same game

Playing all over again

Attack to kill then retreat

Don’t pass that blame

Pass that bone