Book Binding…not just a factory job!

The #UnboundBookFestival @ Stephens College was an awesome opportunity! So glad I went to peddle, chat up the book to a wider audience, learn from, and help other authors! The independent author community nestled on the stage was warm, kind, and nurturing: watching out for each others belongings on bathroom breaks and lunch runs, buying … Continue reading Book Binding…not just a factory job!

Don’t Bother Reading the Book!

There are many reasons readers should avoid the novel The True House Widows of St. Louis. If you can agree with any of the complaints I have listed then ignore the book at all costs, especially while perusing author tables at the Unbound Book Festival Independent Author Fair at Stephens College Saturday 22nd!!! 1. You … Continue reading Don’t Bother Reading the Book!

The Flynn Muses

Mike & Molly “The Flynn Muses” 01/23/17 COLD-OPEN EXTERIOR – WOODFIELD MALL - DAY Molly, wearing a champagne lace patterned, smock low neck crepe blouse and Victoria in a paisley print belted shirt dress and knee high suede boots, are shopping at the Chicago’s Woodfield Mall for a birthday gift for Joyce. MOLLY It’s so … Continue reading The Flynn Muses

Video synopsis of the new book! Like & Share on YouTube! Paperback available at: Password: Widows *Contact the author for special discounts*

Upcoming teen novella…2017

The Four Astrals “We all have a will, we must find the way.”-Grandma Maurisse           The lunch benches shook with cheers and stomps for the latest triumph of debate. Peppa kept her back to them and what their celebrations meant. The debate club was only formed to prepare the new generation of orators to represent the … Continue reading Upcoming teen novella…2017

The True House Widows of St. Louis: Now available on Amazon Kindle!

  A raunchy romp of a fiction novel spoofing the bad girls, housewives, urban plays and reality drama in the real life hot spots of East Saint Louis and the STL!  This is the script of the unscripted reality show as it happens real time.  Death doesn't stop the party or the hustle for the web … Continue reading The True House Widows of St. Louis: Now available on Amazon Kindle!

FanFic: Mike & Molly

fan-fiction-television-script-mike-molly Mike & Molly “Luck Be Spontaneity Tonight”:   We open the show with Mike and Carl riding in their squad car discussing Mike’s recent successful weight loss due to child induced sleep deprivation as well as Carl’s upcoming vacation to a family reunion in Tennessee.  Carl is disinterested in attending the routine family affair this … Continue reading FanFic: Mike & Molly